Property Law

Buying, Selling, Letting, leasing, whatever you are looking to do we will make sure that it is done the right way.

Commercial Law

If you are looking to buy, sell or rent a business, we will help you navigate the transfer and licensing procedures.

Wills & Estate Protection

Protecting your assets from inheritance taxes and loss is our priority.

All aspects of CIVIL and COMMERCIAL LAW.


  • Family Law (Separations, Divorces, Unmarried Assemblies, Probate, Contested Inheritance, Declaration of Heirs, Disabilities, Family Mediation, Liquidation of Livestock)
  • Civil liability
  • Contractual breaches. Resolution or execution of contract and claim of damages
  • Honorary rights, honor, privacy and self-image, or protection of other fundamental rights


  • Design and constitution of corporate structures
  • Mergers, divisions and acquisitions
  • Dissolutions and settlements
  • Capital increases and reductions
  • Reorganizations, sales and business successions
  • Commercial contracting
  • Assistance and advice to corporate bodies
  • Assistance to members’ meetings, writing minutes, certifications and other social documents
  • Intervention in legal proceedings in defense of corporate interests
  • Corporate Expertise
  • Responsibility of social administrators
  • Banking Law
  • Industrial Property: Trademarks, Patents and Utility Modes
  • Intellectual property
  • Competition Law
  • Skills, reports and opinions


  • Promotion: negotiation and drafting of urban agreements and compensation boards
  • Advice to companies of the real estate and urban sector
  • Horizontal property and owner communities
  • Contracts: Rental and sale of real estate
  • Mortgage law
  • Civil and administrative judicial proceedings
  • Skills, reports and opinions
  • Management of Intermediation: Hotels, Golf, Shopping Centres, Buildings, Plots, Apartment Complexes, Partial Plans


  • Expert in tourist lettings’ advice
  • Tourist Contracts. Letting & Purchase contracts
  • Tourism investment advice, Mortgages, Loans
  • Defending against tourist fines
  • Processing tourist Licenses, for all types of establishments
  • Processing and Management of tourist rentals
  • Tourism contract negotiation, drafting and signing of tourist exploitation contracts with T.T.O.O.
  • Timeshare Advice & Litigation
  • Holiday Packs Advice & Litigation
  • Cancellation of timeshare contracts
  • Co-ownership in real estate
  • Tourist insurance advice,
  • Advice on accidents, illness, death, repatriation, during your holidays or as residents.
  • Advice on “Vacation Apartment Rentals”, for individuals and Owners Communities.


  • Economic crimes: misappropriation, fraud, falsehoods
  • Corporate crimes. Compliance
  • Money Laundering
  • Punishable insolvencies
  • Offenses against Public Treasury: tax offense
  • Crimes relating to the market and consumers, industrial and intellectual property
  • Skills, reports and opinions


  • Crimes against the environment; subsidies
  • Advice to the company for the implementation of environmental quality standards and maintenance and updating systems
  • Environmental Audit
  • Reports and informs


  • Advice of institutions and health professionals in professional responsibility
  • Comprehensive management of health responsibility processes
  • Procedural defence of Institutions and health professionals, in the civil, criminal, administrative, social and military before the Administration and the Administrative Courts
  • Legal coordination of health assessments
  • Management of extrajudicial agreements
  • Legal actions of counterattack against aggression, insults or threats to health professionals
  • Advice on contracting health insurance policies
  • Management of health services
  • Pharmaceutical law


  • Claims prior to litigation
  • Allegations and remedies
  • Disputes-Administrative Court Cases
  • Expropriations
  • Town planning


  • Legal opinions on arbitration matters
  • Expert advice to legal representatives in arbitral proceedings

At SAENZ Y ASOCIADOS, LAWYERS, we have extensive experience in the preparation of expert reports commissioned by Courts, Professionals or Individuals. Our main specialties are:

  • Legal Experts
  • Expert Auditors
  • Expert Economists
  • Insurance experts
  • Expert Assessors
  • Forensic Experts


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