british solicitor tenerife

Our Approach

You may be aware of the “tomorrow” attitude when it comes to getting anything done here in Tenerife. We prefer to cut through the red tape and get things done TODAY!

We are Spanish Solicitors (Called “Abogados” in spanish) that have specialised in catering to the needs of British clients since 1985. So of course, we speak your language and have many very close ties within the British expat community.

We know of the challenges that you will face when it comes to buying, selling or renting property here in Tenerife, applying for licences or well, pretty much anything else that may involve the authorities… and we are ready to make the whole process as painless as possible.

Our Unique Service

Although our legal practice was established way back in 1985, we have a further 20 year history in the legal profession on the island. Naturally, we are members of the Tenerife Bar Association and have representation in not only all of the other Canary Islands but in Madrid and Brussels too.

So whether your legal needs are based on Canarian, Spanish or European law, we have you covered.